Services like Audible are valuable for ebooks but due to the dynamic nature of the web, where people are constantly creating and consuming content it is a challenge to create audio bytes for the all the content. Text-to-speech software are an alternative but not desirable. This is where we saw an opportunity to create a platform, which connects the user with a community of reciters (professionals in various languages, trained and verified for their voice, recitation abilities) who convert the articles into audio logs for a audio + reading experience on the user’s mobile app

For the mobile experience, one of our goal was to ensure people actually consume content that they add to the app and also build a more sustainable model with the reciter community such that the requested audio logs are consumed by the users. In order to achieve this, we limited the duration of audio log to 60 min. (based on our finding that on an average people spend ~35 min on walking/ commute everyday). The user can request for more audio logs by consuming/ deleting content already added to his/her account, thereby making space for more content. 

The UI of the app was optimized for one-hand operation. We followed the philosophy "Less is more", which led us in the direction of this UI for the home screen with minimal elements, just a circular dial to switch between articles, the length of arc suggesting the duration of audio for each article. Since, the user segment we were designing for, are fairly tech-savy we took the liberty to explore a more modern UI design approach with use of colors that give a playful yet informative twist to the visual appeal of the app.


Recito is a service that provides audio-logs of user-curated web content like blogs, news articles etc. for consumption while walking, running or travelling as a passenger. The app makes on-the-go web consumption safe, so that people pay attention to their surrounding while getting up-to-speed with the latest on the web.


Distracted walking injuries are on the rise. This is because mobile user interfaces are mainly designed, developed and tested with having a user in mind who is sitting or standing, but not in motion. 

With service like pocket and 'tab syncing' in most browsers this problem further aggravates as people utilize their commute/ walking time to read articles, blogs, news which they couldn't read through the day. This is where Recito comes in,  making reading while walking safe and secure.

The Key features the app include: 

  • Add content for offline consumption (Reading + Audio) 
  • One touch access to hear recently added articles
  • Single-hand operation and minimal user interaction to access articles
  • Automatic blurring of text on screen while the user is walking
  • Location and interest based discovery of popular audio- logs  

Recito was developed and prototyped in collaboration with Emily Chan and Tingting as part of Crafting Interaction course, spring'15 over the period of 3 weeks. 

Skills: System Design, Scenario generation, Concepting, Wireframe, Visual Design, Prototyping

Design Process

Current User Journey - Identifying the opportunity space based on current experience of using services like Pocket

Wireframe: Identifying key tasks and user flows

Visual Design - Approach 1

As a team we felt, list view had too much text which required more attention from the user. Also, the color scheme lacked a sense of character.  

Visual Design - Approach 2

The use of colors to differentiate articles in the dial lifted the appeal of the UI. The minimal UI seemed more aligned with our goal to make app look modern, informative yet playful.