Concept & Use Case

Keyscreens: Real-time Location based photo feed, View Image, Go to Location



Photony was a final project done for the Urban Fiction course at SVA IxD. The challenge of the project was to use everyone's location data (providing that everyone has given consent to share their information to the class) and create an app that would be exclusive to our class.

A team collaboration between Tingting & myself, the app is a hypothetical way to explore New york City with fellow classmates using their geo-tagged photos and discover the hidden gems & the favorite spots of our classmates.


It provides real-time access to pictures taken in the current location only for the time period you are in that location. Focusing on the importance of location data and how users can interact with it, this product combines photos with location. It targets those people who might want to explore the spot where their friends set foot and shared pictures of, or who might be curious about interesting spots nearby by checking pictures. The app detects users’ current location and updates the feed in real-time. People can check out their vicinity by selecting the specific photos and going to the location or also by selecting any explorerin that area among their contacts to find new place.

In the future, we envision Photony as an integration with a photo-sharing app like Instagram so that people get to see the spot where those beautiful pictures were taken right when they are in that location. 


Skills: Data-Driven Insight, Brainstorming, Wireframing, Video-creation





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