Developed over the course of 4 weeks, DrinkMe is a smart base for water bottle that helps to increase water intake and keep people well hydrated.


The product idea came from a simple personal observation while I was working. My colleague, who sat next to me, used to fill a bottle of water (1000ml) in the morning and by the time she was ready to leave the bottle would still be half full, implying a consumption of just 500 ml of water in about nine hours. And she wasn't alone. That made me think “How can a water bottle, with water that sits unconsumed for hours, next to a person, at their desk, trigger an interaction that motivates him/her to take a sip?”

So as the final project for my Physical computing course I decided to explore the electronics I learnt to bring this interaction between the bottle & the user to life. The idea was to make something that's fun, momentary & playful as a reminder, and is also a tangible part of the the desk, and not hidden in the pocket as a "one time downloaded and never used again" app. 

In the current proof-of-concept, DrinkME uses an FSR sensor to monitor the variation in the weight of the bottle to infer the time since last time water was consumed by the user. This lights up the transparent ring which creates an aesthetic pattern on the surface in different colors transitioning from green to yellow to orange and finally to red in 45 minutes. At the 50th minute the red light starts blinking to draw user’s attention to drink water.

On testing the product myself, I discovered that the lights weren’t just the reminder for the person using DrinkME but also turned out to be a way for people around to stop by and engage in a short conversational reminder to drink water. 

A future version would include refinements in the form factor and a more subtle & appealing play of light as reminders. And probably a closed social community/group to help the members keep a tab on this vital body resource in a fun way

Skills: Arduino, Programming, Sketching, Material explorations