Thesis Ideation #1

[After finishing your reactions to the image cluster critique, brainstorm a new idea with a little more specificity and direction. Don’t worry about it being realistic or achievable. Think about the end-game of what you care about, the macro scale, and then how to break that up into pieces if necessary. Think about how to inspire users. If you’re having trouble coming up with more specific ideas, come up with a narrative about what it would look like if your idea worked (even without knowing what it is yet), what would the result be? In a separate blog post, post 3 possible variations of your thesis idea. The difference between them can be specific details or broad and major, as you wish. Each variation should have a clearly summarized list of key points that an outside reader or critic can compare. Text descriptions are adequate at this point, but you are free to use images and diagrams too.  When you have finished your 3 variations, make a summary list or table of the pros and cons of each. Ask your classmates, friends, or advisors to help you talk this out. Just speaking out loud to someone often helps to articulate internal ideas and entangled threads] 

After the discussion with Karen last week, I put together all the information and thoughts that I had on paper to figure out what are the possible areas of intervention and what excited me the most. Here are the doodles from my notebook:

Last weekend, on the 26th September, I had a chance to attend a conference Mobilizing Zero Hunger Youth at the United Nations. It was a great opportunity to hear people from around the world who’ve committed themselves to combat this problem. The President of Ireland, spoke about how the country has dedicated 1/5th of their country budget towards fighting hunger in Ireland. Organizations like, Aspire Food group, Food for Life shared their success stories, challenges and urged people to be more mindful of their eating habits. Here is a thought map that I created at the conference to figure out “how I as an individual can contribute to Zero Hunger challenge by 2030”.


Based on this map outlining the key problems, I brainstormed some ideas to minimize food waste on individual level (refer to post-its) 

These are just some of my initial thoughts based. If you have any directions/ thoughts/ experiences you would like to share, please drop a note.