Power of Ten - Brainstorming exercise

My classmate, Somin and I teamed up to discuss one of our ideas using the Power of Ten technique. This was the first time we were using this method for ideation so it was an exploratory-learning experience.  At the end of it we both felt that it was a great tool to keep up the momentum of the brainstorming session. 

For my project, Somin decided to pick idea #3 which focusses on making people better informed about their food and not relying completely on the expiration, use by dates. She found herself associating with it the most and said “..everytime I see the expiration date, the number gives me anxiety. It’s so specific that I end up paying too much attention to it and if the food item is expired I end up throwing it”. So we looked at the “peel the strip” (that’s the name we came up with in the brainstorming today) idea and explored how would something like that work for different food items like, packaged food, vegetables, drinks, Meat, dairy product etc. 

This is the idea we worked on: 

Here’s are the doodles notes from our 20 min. conversation: