New research directions - Partner feedback

I paired up with Debbie to discuss some of my research so far and also what could be possible parallel research directions that could be inspiring as I move further into the process.

Here are some of her suggestions:

  • Recycling - What has worked, what hasn’t and where it is now? For example: Recycling plastic, people generate a lot of it and throw a lot of it. It’s a struggle for people to recycle. It’s been hard for people to recycle, especially when it was a new behavior and people do it more now. 
  • Cleanliness Campaign - How did anti-littering campaign and cleanliness movement in the 1970’s change the people’s perception about cleanliness in public spaces. 
    • Previously, in my research I came this article which highlights the key milestones of “Keep America Beautiful” a group that was formed in 1953 with a goal to to develop and promote a national cleanliness ethic.
  • Minimalist Lifestyle - How do they handle food? Is there anything that could be mainstreamed?
  • What is it about Asian culture that tends to reduce wastage?
  • Is there a co-relation between waste and cooking skill level?

My take-away from the conversation: Look at examples that have led people to change/ evolve their behavior in day-to-day activities for a larger community goal? What ways have proved effective to intervene in peoples’ habits?