Copyright: Foley Design, Snap Networks (2009)

Team: Michael Foley, Anupma Rajani, Pradeep N. Rao

Violet is a lifestyle plug-in speakers & a home-theatre system. Developed over a period of 18 months of design, prototyping and engineering iterations, violet symbolizes a desire to feel sound.


As a product designer my role on this project centered around bringing together the concept of 'feel sound' through the industrial design, material finishes and form factor of the product. Our team comprised of a design engineer & myself, we worked with the client to understand the electronic components to integrate in the product design & engineering and worked with various vendors to develop prototypes before we arrived at the final design that was tested and launched in the market for the first version of Violet speaker series. 

More details about violet can be found here

Skills: Concept generation, Sketching, Rendering, Product design & styling, Materials