Research Overview 

Research Overview 

TRIP MOODS - a research tool designed for user interviews

Research Analysis using KJ technique

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Copyright: Samsung Design Delhi (2014)

Team: Anupma Rajani, Anita Isola

Atithi was a 8 weeks, user research project, focussing on understanding the needs of a foreign traveler, traveling to India on business and staying in a luxury hotel. The goal of the project was to identify potential opportunities for new digital interventions to enhance the guest stay and for Samsung to venture into the Hospitality industry in India to grow it's Tablet sales in the country.


As a project lead I made and presented the project pitch to get the funding & resources for the research from our stakeholders in Korea, partnered with an agency for participant recruitment, creating a research guide and tracking process and timelines of the project. The biggest challenge in this research was recruiting the foreign business travelers due to their tight schedules during business trips. We eventually, ended up connecting with them informally in the hotel lobby, relaxation lounges of our partner hotels.

Another challenge we faced in the first few days of our field interviews (where we followed our discussion guide) was that the participants (business travelers) lacked engagement levels and the conversations weren't as rich and insightful. Partly because of the time limitation but mostly because they were too tired to engage in any formal activity. 

This got us back to our sketchbooks and we brainstormed on artifacts that would enhance conversations with the travelers and make it more joyful an experience for them.

We designed a research tool called "TRIP MOODS" that enables business travelers to map their travel experience using image cards and use those to share their most exciting and not-so-exciting travel stories. This tool turned out to be a fun and effective way of triggering a non-linear and open conversation, much like narrating a story. For us, this was an incredible way to engage with our users and gain candid insight into their business trip experience in addition to the other stakeholder interviews. 

As a final deliverable for this project we designed a HTML website with the research process, findings and key insights for design directions.

Skills: Ethnographic Research, User interview, Focus group interviews, Research Analysis, Insight generation