Understanding Library Experience

This project is culmination of learnings from Research Methods course into an insights report on usage of SVA library services by the graduate students. Developed with Emily, Karen, Marcelo and Matt over a period of 3 weeks, it included,  conducting a heuristic study of the library website and an ethnographic study with the graduate students to learn about their experiences using the current services.

To begin with, we used heuristic evaluation technique to understand the current user pain-points of the website both as a first time user and as a return user . We then consolidated our findings from heuristic evaluations and did a affinity analysis to identify key problem area in the user journey. The key problem areas we found were inconsistency in information hierarchy, navigation, labeling and visual language across website.

Further we built on this study and conducted focus interview with graduate students (10) to learn about their experiences in terms of their information seeking habits, relevance of library in their current academic life/ in general, experience using SVA library or any other libraries in the city. Each of us documented the interviews as audio recordings, photos & field notes and shared the findings with the group. Then, we again did a post-it exercise of our research finding to define themes using KJ technique and suggested opportunities for improvement to our client as a research report.

Skills: Heuristic Evaluation, Discussion guide creation, Affinity analysis, User recruitment, Interview techniques

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