Concepts: Quick Launch, Multiple Windows, Bookmark Tagging (from L to R)


Concepts: Quick Launch, Multiple Windows, Bookmark Tagging (from L to R)


Team: Anupma Rajani, Sriram Suryanarayanan, Smitha Uttam

Year: 2012

Copyright: Samsung R&D India, Bangalore

I was the lead Interaction Designer on the project working with a visual designer to define the new visual language and deliver UI assets & guidelines. For the final deliverable, we collaborated with the in-house development team to create a complete product experience on an Android smartphone and shared with our stakeholders in HQ.

We started with an immersive user research & trends study to understand browsing behavior on Mobile using both browser & apps. The research led us to a key insight; user's loved to sync browsing session across devices for continuity of experience but syncing led to greater number of bookmarks, opened tabs on mobile browser. This resulted in difficulty in finding content on mobile and also opening same websites multiple times. We worked on this insight & ideated on concepts to minimise the ‘Findability’ issues and facilitate easier & informed navigation on mobile browser.

Product UX guidelines:

  • Minimalist design - less interaction effort & less learning time

  • Recognition Rather than Recall - Visual cues for quick interactions

  • Upfront & Direct Manipulations - ‘New tab’ customization based on user’s interest

The biggest learning & challenge for me in the project was to achieve consistent user experience across different devices (with varied screen resolutions & hardware capabilities) both in terms of interactions and visual language such that the product feels new yet fits into the existing experience of phone.

The product was well recognized by our stakeholders in HQ and few concepts were shipped along with the official launch of the product on Samsung smartphones. The product team received Samsung DMC R&D President’s award in 2013 for the success of this project. 

Skills: User Research & Trends report, Product Strategy, Information Architecture, Sketching, Wireframing, Android, UI development