Product & User Experience Designer




To me design is to improve. It is about keen observation, bits of imagination & holistic thinking about the people & the system they exist in. I love to experiment with interactions that ride the fine line between the physical and digital to create experiences that connect with human emotions. 

As much as I celebrate using design as a vehicle to bridge everyday's physical & digital experiences I’m also wary of how it would affect the socio-cultural landscape of our existence. That is one of the biggest challenges and opportunities for me as a designer.

My undergrad in Industrial design and subsequent experience as a Industrial Designer laid a strong foundation for user empathy and user-centric design process. After college, I joined Michael Foley,  India's leading Product Designer and worked on projects for various consumer brand in Tech, FMCG, Fashion and Retail industry . From there, I went to work as a user experience designer with Samsung for four years, primarily working on projects that catered to the penetration of smart mobile devices and TV's in India. 

Currently, I'm in my final year at the MFA Interaction Design, School of Visual Arts, New York and expected to graduate in May 2016. 

Outside of design, I love to experiment in kitchen, take hop-on hop-off bus rides, see the sea, read a non-fiction and sometimes just sit and do nothing!